Alameda Girls Softball Association is the only youth sports organization in Alameda focused entirely on girls' sports! We provide both Fall and Spring recreational softball seasons focused on skill development and fun competition for girls ages 4 to 14. While most girls who play in AGSA live in Alameda, this is not a requirement to register and play.

Youth sports have consistently proven to provide long-lasting benefit to children. Girls who play youth sports benefit from improved confidence, mental health, physical fitness and academic performance. These benefits have been shown to last into adolescence and adulthood.

Whether your child is an experienced ball player or has never touched a softball bat, this is the right place for her -- our core aims are skill development and FUN!

Our recreational softball program offers Fall and Spring seasons across several different age groups. All age levels focus on age-appropriate skill development with a focus on equal participation and involvement at many different positions. Everyone bats and innings in the field are distributed equally.

  • 6 and under (T-ball/6U): Introduction to softball! Girls learn fundamental softball skills and how to work in a team with new friends. Batters will hit off batting tees and face soft toss coach pitching.
  • 8 and under (8U): Introduction to competition and kid pitching! Girls learn the competitive rules of softball -- What is an out? What is a run? -- while developing more advanced fastpitch softball skills. Batters face pitching from their peers as well as occasional coach pitch. This is a time of tremendous growth!
  • 10 and under (10U): Functional fastpitch softball! Girls develop advanced softball skills and knowledge while rules advance to allow the full suite of competition -- steals, overthrows, dropped third strikes and more! Many girls at this age choose to dive deeper into competitive softball by joining one of our Blaze Fastpitch Travel Teams
  • 12 and under/14 and under (12U/14U) - Middle school softball! Traditionally the 12U and 14U divisions are combined for a "Middle School" division aimed at introducing new players to the game and continuing skill development for those who prefer not to commit to travel softball.


It is important to remind everyone, parents and coaches, that we have all signed the Code of Conduct related to behavior on the fields including towards our umpires.  Parents may not sit behind the home plate/backstop area and should not interact with, question, try to influence or talk to an umpire during the game.  The extended area behind home plate must remain clear. Please help by self-regulating this rule. Coaches may ask parents to adjust their seating as a result.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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