Why is there an evaluation?
As the emphasis in our League is to have teams that are evenly matched, all girls Division 8U and up are required to attend the assessment / evaluation day. Each girl will be evaluated on age appropriate skills such as hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and base running. Girls may also choose to evaluate as a pitcher and/or catcher. Girls attempting to play in a higher division must be evaluated for BOTH the higher division and the age-appropriate division unless previously approved by the AGSA Board of Directors.

Teams in 8U and up are formed by a draft. The evaluations give the head coaches an opportunity to see the players in a few basic drills before they draft their teams.  For the 8U division, during the draft process requests for friends and coaches will be considered as part of the draft selection process. The objective is to have teams balanced as much as possible for skill level, new/returning players in each division, etc.  and if possible, incorporate friend and coach requests.

In 8U, we strive for a balance between playing with friends and parity among teams. Girls in Division 8U, 10U, 12U & 14U are selected via draft, based upon ratings they received during the assessment / evaluation (see below). In 10U and up, we do not accept special request to be on a specific team or with a specific player. Placement from the waiting list is on a first-come first-served basis.

Do we need to attend both evaluation days?
No. A player only needs to attend once.

What equipment is necessary for the player evaluations?
At a minimum, players should wear athletic clothes and shoes. We recommend baseball/softball pants and cleats (soccer cleats are acceptable). If she has a glove or can borrow one from a friend, she should bring it. If she doesn't own a glove we will have her borrow one during the evaluation from either the league or another player.

The league will provide bats, batting helmets and balls but if you own your own, please feel free to bring it.

What drills will the players be asked to do?
Just the basics: running the bases, throwing, fielding grounders, fly balls and hitting.  Pitchers (and catchers 10U and up) will be evaluated separately. The drills will be age and skill-level appropriate.

Will players be sliding during the player evaluations?
They won't be required to slide, but they can if they want to.

What happens if we don't attend evaluations?
Your player will be set aside during the draft and randomly selected for the registered age division.

Does my 6U player need to attend?
No. The only reason a player who's already registered in 6U would need to attend is if she's "trying out" for 8U.

Can I register on the day of evaluations?
No. You must register online by 6pm the night before. We will not be accepting player registrations at the evaluations.

Can my player try out for an older age group?
Yes. She must attend the evaluation for her registered age group and the evaluation for the older age group unless previously approved by the AGSA Board. If she doesn't get drafted onto a team in the older age group, she'll enter the draft for her registered age group. Players must check in at the desk prior to each age group evaluation.

Is this a try out? Is there a chance my player won't be placed on a team?
No, every registered player that attends evaluations is guaranteed a place on a team in her registered age division. It's only considered a "try out" for players hoping to play in an older age group.

What's Next?
We'll hold the draft and form teams in the 8U through 12U/14U divisions after player evaluations.  You’ll be contacted by your head coach and shortly following your coach should conduct a team meeting. If you are not contacted by your coach by January 31, 2018, please contact Philly Jones.  6U teams will be formed after the older teams.  Practices will start soon after the teams are formed – we are targeting the week of February 5 with an opening game day of February 24.  But, our practice start date is contingent on securing fields with APRD which we will not know more about until mid-January.